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Snacks, Appetizers & Side Dishes

Demand for Comfort Food During the Pandemic Helps Drive Snack and Small Bites Sales


Appetizers, snacks and side dishes took a giant leap in sales last year, due to the increased demand for convenient comfort food during the pandemic. The AFFI/IRI Power of Frozen report shows $2.9 billion in frozen appetizer/snack sales last year, a gain of $532 million over 2019, with dollar growth at +22.1%. Side dishes sold $1.4 billion—an increase of $50 million over 2019—with +3.8% dollar growth.

Diving deeper, frozen potato products generated $2.3 billion across all categories, an increase of 26.5% over 2019, according to NFRA/Nielsen retail stats. Frozen sandwiches sold $2 billion, which is a YOY increase of 16%, and frozen breakfast sandwiches sold $1.5 billion, a gain of 20.1% compared to 2019.

Significant Events in 2020

  • Conagra launched more than 24 new sides, snacks, and plant-based products under its Bird’s Eye, Healthy Choice, Gardein, Marie Callender’s, Blake’s, and EVOL brands, responding to the rise in demand for frozen foods during the pandemic.
  • Del Monte Foods launched a line of frozen plant-based handheld pockets and appetizers under the Veggieful brand.
  • Tyson’s Jimmy Dean brand debuted frozen plant-based breakfast sandwiches in English muffin and croissant varieties.
  • Frozen appetizer processor Farm Rich had a busy year. They conducted a study with OnePoll showing 2 in 3 Americans were eating more comfort food due to the pandemic. Farm Rich was also named the official frozen snack sponsor of the SEC Conference through 2022; they launched the plant-based Garden Inspirations line of breaded cauliflower and zucchini appetizers; they partnered with Disney for Mickey and Minnie Mouse breaded mozzarella snacks; and they rolled out breaded sweet onion petals with Aussie dipping sauce.
  • Monogram Foods partnered with snack companies Utz and Zapp’s for a line of breaded appetizers using Utz and Zapp’s signature flavors.
  • Frozen potato giant McCain Foods was featured in Refrigerated & Frozen Foods’ December issue, detailing the company’s progress since McCain’s 2012 R&FF cover story.


like these breaded mozzarella appetizers, sold $289 million in 2020, a 36% increase over 2019, according to NFRA/Nielsen statistics.

Lead image courtesy of Unsplash. Above photo courtesy of Pixabay.