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Fruits & Vegetables

Frozen Fruits and Vegetables Benefit from Pandemic Purchasing


According to the AFFI/IRI report, frozen vegetables sold $3 billion last year, an increase of $403 million, with dollar growth at +15.3%. Frozen fruit saw even higher YOY gains, selling $1.5 billion—an increase of $332 million over 2019—with dollar growth at a robust +29.7%. Combined with frozen potatoes and onions, this segment accounted for 10.2% of all frozen food purchases in 2020.

Significant Events in 2020

  • Joe Yanda succeeded Glen Tellock as president & CEO of Lakeside Foods.
  • Robert Van Der Geest was named GM of Nature Fresh Farms’ Mexico operations.
  • John Warehime, CEO of Hanover Foods, passed away in March.
  • Former Lamb Weston President & CEO Bobby Horowitz passed away at 71.
  • Brad Vesterby, director of sales at Firestone Pacific Foods, passed away after battling cancer.
  • B&G Foods’ Green Giant brand rolled out several new products, including cauliflower-based breadsticks, rings, and fries; three new flavors for the Simply Steam line of frozen vegetables, new varieties of grilled vegetables, and a riced cauliflower medley.
  • Frozen plant-based brand Ark Foods announced plans for a new 15,000-square-foot production facility in New Jersey.
  • Path of Life expanded distribution of its products into California, Hawaii and Texas.
  • Wholly Veggie debuted a line of plant-based cauliflower wings, and increased distribution to 1,200 Target stores.


accounted for approximately $942.8 million in 2020 sales, according to NFRA/Nielsen statistics.


led the way with $327 million in sales, followed by strawberries at $275 million, and mixed berries at $259 million.

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