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Unifiller’s M3 Depositor is the perfect solution for triple-lane production systems, ideal for working over vacuum form, fill and tray sealing lines. Used for clean depositing of relatively viscous to liquid products, with or without chunks, the M3 features adjustable nozzles to meet any configuration. It's designed for individual portioning from each product cylinder for accurate deposits ranging from 0.7oz to 38oz at a speed of 120 cycles per minute and requires quick, easy cleaning for seamless product change-over. The M3 is also available in a Servo version that includes a PLC-controlled system, recipe storage, and conveyor integration.

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Key Technology introduces a new automated grading system for fresh green beans. This turnkey solution removes product with defects like tip rot, wind scars and wormhole damage as well as a wide range of foreign material—rocks, insects, animal parts, glass, metal, cardboard, corn cobs and roots, cotton stalks, peanuts and more—while also separating green beans in clusters or with attached stems and then directing them for further processing. This integrated grading solution, consisting of Key’s Iso-Flo vibratory and rotary separation equipment combined with a VERYX digital sorter, significantly reduces labor requirements, increases throughput and achieves consistent product quality, even during times of high incoming defect rates.

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Cremer has launched a line of hygiene-centric counting machines designed for easy wash-down. The WD Series is designed for precise counting and dispensing of individual food products in a variety of applications where cleanliness is paramount such as poultry, meat, seafood, cheese, confectionary, and bread products. Counting food products by the piece is regarded as the most efficient, cost-effective alternative to modern weighing and pick-and-place systems for a wide range of products, as counting accuracy is not affected by small weight variations between individual pieces. These machines are specifically constructed to thrive in the harsh working environments typically encountered where washdown procedures are necessary.

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With features that include precise bowl and tray loading, servo controls, and easy cleaning and maintenance, Triangle’s Tray and Bowl Loading systems offer plenty of benefits to refrigerated and frozen food processors. The system includes a single- or dual-rotary depositor for precise, targeted fills into small trays or rigid containers – even those with partitions. Featuring a unique design that reduces transfer time by moving with the container during the loading process, product can be discharged from an intermittent scale and easily adapted to a continuous bowl/tray system. Applications include HMR meal kits, IQF or fresh poultry, fresh or frozen produce, IQF specialty items or blended products, and cheese, as well as hard-to-handle odd-shaped or sticky products.

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