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Lubriplate Lubricants Company

Advancing Lubrication Over 150 Years.

Back in 1870, Lubriplate’s founders set out to make the highest quality, best performing lubricants available. In doing so, they helped pioneer the use of anti-wear additives that significantly increased lubricant performance through the years. Today, that innovative tradition continues with their complete line of ultra high-performance, 100% Synthetic, NSF H1 Registered, Food Grade Lubricants. Manufactured under strict NSF/ ISO 21469 Certified and ISO 9001 Registered quality control standards, these lubricants are formulated to deliver a number of significant, cost effective advantages, including; extended lube and fluid change intervals, multiple application capability, lubricant inventory consolidation and improved performance. Clean, safe and non-toxic, their use can eliminate lubrication as a critical control point in HACCP programs.

All Lubriplate Lubricants come with Lubriplate’s ESP Extra Services Package at no additional charge. Services include; a complimentary plant lubrication survey by a factory direct representative, color coded lubrication charts and machinery tags, a toll free technical support hotline and email, and follow-up lubricant analysis.

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